Ea7 – Men’s T-shirt Review

The T-shirt is one of the garments that most men like to wear, since it offers comfort and style. It’s also a wear and provides relief from any type of stress they can encounter. T-shirts are available from local manufacturers as well as from branded garment suppliers, while the Psyche – Ea7 ones offer the most convenient and stylish range for men, covering all the required sizes and a splendid color range.


The Ea7 Brand

The Ea7 brand is a part of Emporio Armani’s clothing line up that contains clothes having some popular and fashionable designs combined with a sporty feel. This range offered by Emporio Armani is created with distinct combinations offering a popular range of T-shirts, bags, polo shirts and joggers. The use of high-tech fabrics along with the latest design adds a casual sport aesthetic to the collection, thus offering a stylish as well as functional wear for men.

T-shirts from the Brand

Similar to the range of clothes offered by the Ea7 brand, the T-shirt collection is also covered under the active wear collection for men from the company. The T-shirts offered are easy to wear and provides versatility in their designs and sizes. However, the latest styles of T-shirt for men by this brand are provided from some premium brands like Diesel, Firetrap and Star. These contain novelty printed graphics along with simple and classic designs that are accompanied by structured fits for men.

There are V-neck and round neck T-shirts for men having a muscular and lean body, which further enhances the look of their muscles and offers them a desired outlook. A fitted T-shirt offers a perfect shape to a man’s body, which Ea7 focuses on and creates a range of perfectly fitting T-shirts. A T-shirt from this brand is much better than a normal one as normal clothes have baggy arms, which fail to add to the appearance of the man wearing it.

Along with the arms, these T-shirts provide a better effect to the chest part also. Since, a male chest has several alpha male connotations associated with him; a fitted-shirt from Ea7 improves your chest size as it is made tighter at this area. Thus, you look smarter and more powerful with T-shirts from Psyche – Ea7 than when in the normal ones.

The fabric and the material used by the company makes the T-shirt more reliable, thus, preventing the material from being worn out with regular use. Since, Ea7 T-shirts are described as active-wear garments, these are appropriate to be worn while performing rugged activities too.

About the Designer

The designer of this brand, Giorgio Armani, has grown up to such a large empire from very humble roots. He was born in 1934 in Italy and had a passion for fashion, which he pursued his studies in. He started his own brand as a venture with Sergio Galeotti, his friend, in 1975, after working for many years as a freelance designer. Today, the clothes from this designer brand are known for their fashionable appeal and a classy styling, while Armani’s clothes are manufactured with an excellent fabric.

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