How To Dress Rockabilly In The Winter

The rockabilly style is usually associated with bold colors, heavy makeup and short skirts; however, when it starts getting colder, dressing in this manner can be difficult. When winter begins, it’s always worth reassessing your wardrobe so you can cope with the changes.

Rockabilly was born in the 50’s and there are many different subgenres each with their own distinctive style. Gothabilly and punkabilly are currently the most popular subcultures. Regardless of which category you belong to, most of the rules are the same.

Layering Up

Most rockabilly dresses are short and not suitable for the colder seasons. During this time, layer up with animal print leggings or wear high waist jeans to retain more warmth.

A long trench coat or knitwear on your upper half can be useful if you’re venturing outdoors. A classic “Christmas” jumper or tight fitting cardigan is perfect for both going outside and having a cozy night in by the fire. Remember to keep the classic rockabilly color scheme in mind, – red, white and black.

Dressing Down

Even when it’s cold outside, it doesn’t mean you can’t dress down and relax when you’re indoors. Menswear flannel shirts were commonly worn by country and western girls in the 1950’s and sum up the rockabilly style perfectly.

Although high heels are a common feature on the rockabilly pin up girls, they are rarely suitable for the winter. If you’d like to wear Converse All Stars, don’t use a canvas pair as they will get drenched in the rain. Leather is more suitable. If neither of these options appeals to you, black boots with heels are the perfect alternative.

Rockabilly Patterning

When you’re layering up it’s always a good idea to use a bold rockabilly design as your base layer. The most common patterning is polka dots. Having a black dress with white spots will accentuate your style in the parts of your body that aren’t covered.


The beauty of rockabilly is that you can use accessories to accent your style. For example, Russian fur hats were commonly worn in America during the 50’s and will give you that much needed “retro” look when you can’t quite express yourself.

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Josefine Andreasson is a rockabilly chick from Sweden. She is currently working as a fashion blogger for Web Scribblers and is building her own vintage store named Retro Delilah.

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