Things to Know When Buying Jodhpurs for Children

Since horse riding has been widely commercialized, it has become a trend nowadays for children to join horse riding schools. But one must have the right equipment in order to get things underway. Like all other essential equipments Jodhpurs are also a very important and essential part of horse riding. They are special trousers designed for horse riding and they are made to be flexible and comfortable as horse riding can be very difficult at times because if the friction created because of the fabric. Most of them are made from cotton or some other synthetic material. The spandex in them, which is a kind of poly urethane fabric present in jodhpurs, helps the pants to stretch and mould to the shifting shape of your body. They are comfortably long in length and also go right down to your ankle where you need them. Some finish with a cuff, some even have a certain elastic at the bottom. This helps it to fit like a stirrup and stops them from riding up or getting displaces while riding the horse. Length of the jodhpurs are long and they go down to the length of a short or even a long boot. The jodhpurs generally have a little more material added to the back and the inner knee. It is usually made out of suede. This stops chafing and it also stops your knees from slipping forward while riding the horse.

Some jodhpurs are designed to have more cushioning than the others so it will be better if you choose the correct one in accordance to the amount of kind of riding you do. The stitching has also been wisely designed. They either have a flat stitch or no stitching at all. The stitching in and around the jodhpurs has been very cleverly designed to stop rubbing and get rid of all that friction and also to prevent chafing which is very important. Doing this gives you a lot more comfort when you ride, even if you ride for long hours at a stretch. Most children’s jodhpurs come with a standard front hook and a zip closure which is standard for most of them, while others, in particular those that are designed for children, have elastic around the hips so that kids can wear them by just pulling them up.

Jodhpurs are commonly available in two unique styles, the high waist and the hipsters. To measure properly which size you might need, you’ll first need to decided which style will suit you. It is not advisable to go for the one’s that will suit your style but also the ones that will suit your needs then leave all the work to a measuring tape with which you’ll be able to get the perfect size for yourself. Therefore it can be said that jodhpurs gives a lot of advantages to children while horse riding:

  • It allows the lower half to move smoothly with the horse.
  • The extra padding in the knee area will provide more comfort than anything else as in such areas most children will experience wear and tear.
  • There are two different kind of jodhpurs and they come in various designs and you can choose from a list of jodhpurs in the market.
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