Five tips for keeping your New Year’s resolutions

Now that Christmas is over and we look towards 2014, many of us will be considering making one or more New Year’s resolutions. Many of us make a resolution every year, but few of us keep the resolutions we make. If you really do want to make, and stick to, a few resolutions in 2014, here are some tips that might just help you to make that happen.

1. Set small goals

According to The Telegraph, setting small goals is the key to achieving your overall goal. This makes perfect sense, it is so much easier to motivate yourself when you have a short term target that seems realistic than when you are striving for something that may or may not happen in the future. A great example given in the Telegraph article is that of weight loss. If you have a particular weight loss target in mind, why not set the New Year’s resolution of losing one pound each week until you reach your goal? That way, losing a whole stone will only take you just over three months. After that, you can reassess and decide whether you want to lose any more and whether a pound a week is working for you or not.

2. Be realistic

Just as important as taking small steps is being realistic about what you want to achieve. If you start off the year struggling for money and resolve to make a million pounds by the end of the year, it’s unlikely that you will achieve your goal. If, on the other hand, you resolve to spend a little less and aim to put aside £25 in savings each week, this could well be manageable. And guess what, by the end of the year you won’t be a millionaire, but you will have put aside £1,300.

3. Enjoy it

There is no better resolution, at the start of a fresh new year or at any other time, than to enjoy life a little more. So why not set a resolution that you will enjoy achieving? If you are single, you could always resolve to go on a few more dates. This can be easily achieved by joining an online dating site such as http://www.seniordating where you can meet like-minded people. Even if it doesn’t lead to true love this year, every person you meet is a new connection and every date you go on is an evening that you don’t spend in the house.

4. Tell people

If you share your goal with friends you are much more likely to achieve it. If you use a social network, publicly broadcast what you intend to achieve. You may well receive some invaluable encouragement from the most unlikely sources. Even just telling your nearest and dearest can work wonders.

5. Make it meaningful

If you want to get a little bit fitter, why not resolve to run a five or ten kilometre race to raise money for your favourite charity? Not only will you have the motivation of achieving something yourself, you will have the added incentive of raising well needed funds for whatever cause you support. In the current economic times the charity will really appreciate it.



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