The modern man: 4 tips to look sharp

It would be fair to say that male fashion has turned completely on its head over the last couple of decades.

Once upon a time, it wasn’t really given a second thought. Then, things changed. We’re not quite sure if it was because of the internet or just a development of the male species, but there’s no doubt that men around the globe are keen to make much more of an effort when it comes to their outfits.

Of course, it’s still something of a minefield. The purpose of today’s guide is to take a look at a few quick hacks you can implement in a bid to make the most of your outfit and ultimately, look a whole lot sharper.

The famous shoes saying

We don’t want to litter today’s topic with clichés, but as we all know, men can be judged on their footwear alone.

It’s something that has been known since the beginning of time yet despite this, few of us take notice of it.

In other words, send your torn-up trainers to the scrap pile – and invest in some proper footwear. It’s the first thing that most people notice so whether it is Morton tan Chelsea boots or something else, make sure this is where the bulk of your fashion budget is put towards.

Ditch the graphic tees

As the tone of this article may already suggest, the main message is trying to dress as a grown up.

Sure, graphic t-shirts might have been the thing ten years ago, but times (and you) have changed.

You might think they are funny and whether they are or not, they’re not stylish.

One-color t-shirts might sound boring but unfortunately, at least from a style perspective, they work so much better.

Baggy jeans fall into the above category

On the subject of those looks that you have now grown out of, baggy jeans fall into said category. The sight of a mature man pulling his jeans up every couple of minutes is again anything but stylish. In other words, you really shouldn’t need a tight belt to keep them in place.

As we’re talking about jeans, let’s now move onto a few more no-go areas. Ripped jeans and embellishments again fall into this zone and should be avoided at all costs.

Once again, it sounds boring, but stay simple and you’ll develop your image much more.

Make sure you wear SOMETHING on your wrists

At this point we should highlight that we’re not referring to a hugely expensive watch (although if this is an option, then most definitely take it).

The point we are instead making is that you shouldn’t venture out of the house with a naked wrist. It’s something else that screams that you’re still just a boy, so turn to another option to give your arms a bit of personality.

Leather straps are one alternative but as long as you don’t go down the festival wristbands route, you should be fine.

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