The spring summer 2014 men’s fashion guide

There have been a number of items released already this year that have been causing a stir in the mens fashion world, most of which I’m sure you’ll have read about in all the relevant industry magazines. Will the spring and summer collections offer equally as noticeable changes? Probably not, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The futuristic style launched just after Christmas might have looked amusing, but the amount of people wearing it when walking down to the street was almost zero. So, we’re now all looking forward to some standard clothing that isn’t too embarrassing for the outside world.

Thankfully, we won’t have to wait too long, as designers and manufacturers have been working their socks off for the last few months getting their new lines ready. Whilst most won’t hit the shops until April, you can get a sneak peek in some independent stores around the country, so maybe you should head out and take a look. Either way, you’ve got around four weeks left to go until everyone you see will be wearing the new collections. Just to give you a quick insight through, here is some of the men’s looks we expect to see.

The Dress Down Look (day wear)

Whether it means wearing a comfortable pair of joggers with a loose fitting t-shirt, or even if you go a little more upmarket and opt for cargo pants, the “dress down” look is being tipped as this summer’s style of choice for much of the youth. While you won’t be able to get into any top clubs or restaurants dressed like this, it’s perfect for those long days out shopping or spend sitting in the part with a picnic.

The Formal Look (evening wear)

When it comes to fancy dinners and luxurious parties, most of us have been dressing down somewhat for the last few years, but that’s all over and done with now. Looking at some of the new evening wear collections, it would seem the “smart casual” look is out, and we’re going back to basics with formal suits and silk ties. Incidentally, if you’re struggling with knowing which suit to choose, or you simply need to get some more tips about men’s fashion this year, you can now download ebooks from many different retailers online with no hassle.

The Date Look (whenever wear)

This is probably the most impressive trend we’ve seen in the industry so far this year, and so you should be happy there’s at least one option out there that allows for eccentricity. White shoes and tight trousers are very much the “in” thing at the moment, and whilst following suit is probably a bad idea for those who take plus sizes, if you really want to get noticed by the opposite sex, donning some tight slacks and even a smart and cheeky dickie-bow could be your best solution.

So, now you’ve got some insider information and you’ve learned a little about what you can expect to see in stores this spring / summer season, there’s no excuse for not staying up-to-date with the latest trends over the next few months.

See you on the catwalk!

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