A Roundup of The Best Coats For Men This Winter

When females go shopping for a new coat, they do so looking for the one that looks the best. When men go shopping for a new coat, they do so looking for one that’s going to keep them warm. Women would rather dither in the cold in a thin coat that looked good, rather than be toasty in a coat that isn’t as attractive. Don’t get me wrong, men want nice looking coats too – they just want them to be practical for the winter months! It’s worth investing in a new winter coat every year, as a nice one can really make an impression…it’s the first thing many people see after all! Which one should you choose? Here’s a roundup of the best coats for men this winter:

The Duffel Coat

Paddington bear loves a good duffel coat, so why not you? In all seriousness, there are loads of great duffel coats out on the market today; one to suit all tastes. This coat is perhaps a bit too ‘cuddly’ to be worn to work, so it’s more of a weekend coat.

The Oversized Coat

A professional looking, oversized coat with wide lapels is perfect for work. Go for a double breasted one to give a nod to the era of The Great Gatsby! These coats look perfect when paired with a suit, will keep you warm and dry, and can fit many objects in their concealed pockets.

The Peacoat

A peacoat looks amazing when teamed with your favourite jeans – the perfect weekend look! These kinds of coats never go out of style, that’s why designers churn them out every single season. Pop your collar and prepare to look very cool indeed.

The Padded Coat

A waterproof coat, padded and filled with down is sure to keep you warm on a frosty winter’s morning. They look ever so sporty, so if you’re the kind of guy who enjoys skiing, snowboarding, or even just a good game of football; this is the coat for you! 

The Utility Jacket

The utility jacket is perfect for a casual look on the weekend, and will be your secret weapon if it rains. You can find one in virtually every colour or pattern, so you don’t have to compromise on style!

The Quilted Jacket

Quilted jackets look ever so ‘country’, perfect for the professional farmer, fisherman, dog walker, or horse rider. There are all kinds of bold designs and colours to opt for, so you can find the perfect coat to suit your personality. If you’re a country kind of guy and are looking to buy a casual coat for the winter months, a quilted jacket is perfect!

The Raincoat

Where do we start with raincoats? They’ve been popular ever since their original release, coming back year after year with new and exciting styles to keep you warm, dry, and looking professional.

Do you know which one you want yet? A good winter coat will serve you well for years to come, so think of it as an investment!

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