Out and about – How to perfect your daily style

Sometimes, it feels as though some people are born with genuine style, while others have to fight almightily hard for it.

In some ways, this is true. After all, naturally some taste will be perceived better than others.

However, there are small hacks that you can implement on a daily basis to get the most out of your wardrobe. This is going to be the purpose of today’s guide, and we will now show how the little things really can matter when it comes to perfecting your daily style.

Own a decent pair of trainers

This sounds like a very generic piece of advice, but give us time.

Sure, most of us own a pair of trainers, but for many of us these are used for utterly practical reasons. They’re used for the gym – or just popping to the shops. Put simply, we don’t think excessively about fashion when we buy said items.

Well, now is the time to change. Using these sock trainers by Dune London, this is the type of footwear that can be used when you’re just trying to put together an outfit to get from A-Z, or if you’re looking to make an impression. In other words, it’s multi-purpose.

Abide by strict athleisure rules

We almost touched upon this in the previous section, but let’s move onto a point about athleisure.

Granted, it’s surging in popularity. At the same time, we’d urge you to be careful. There are items that are designed to be used as part of athleisure, and those that are designed for a run. Ultimately, get your athleisure choices wrong and you’ll find that your outfit will look forced, and scruffy at best.

Stick to the classics

As we all know, trends come and go – but some things are here to stay. For the purposes of today let’s refer to them as classics. These are those garments which can be described as timeless – they’ll survive the test of time regardless.

So, what garments fall into said category? Trench coats and denim jackets are a couple of common candidates, and are likely to be seen in wardrobes around the world both now, and in the next decade.

The surprising timeless garment: the scarf

Once upon a time the scarf was reserved for winter, and nothing else. It was designed to be completely practical, and ultimately keep you warm during those cooler months.

Then, styles changed. Scarves are now something that you can fall back on regardless of the weather, and you can ingrain it into your style. You can turn to it in wool, linen or silk – and each serves a specific season.

Research the color wheel

Nowadays, theory should even come into play in relation to your wardrobe. As the subtitle may have already given away, we’re referring to the concept of color theory and making sure that all of your garments fit together.

It’s a simple concept, and you simply have to look at a basic color wheel to find out what works together. Another rule is to never squeeze more than three colors into an outfit – it’s going to look too crowded and ultimately, too much.

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