Nan loop is lined with amazing mountain scenery and the road is usually free and ideal for motorcycle tours in Thailand beginners. Nan province has a great route for motorbikes and is a compromise of the scenery along Mae Hong Son Loop and the stop points along Chiang Rai Loop.


Nan loop has its own kind of cachet and this three-day motorcycle tours in Thailand gives you the chance to admire interesting sites and landscapes. During this tour, there is no need to be in rush, as you will arrange your overnight stay in Pua and Bo Kluea provinces – two interesting place visit.

Additionally, Nan loop circular itinerary starts and finished in the city of Nan. On this motorcycle tours in Thailand, you can visit the Santisuk waterfall, Doi Phuka National Park and the captivating Bo Kluea. Then, the old Tai Lue village and the temple in Nong Bua and the stunning scenery of Tham Pha Tup Forest Park.

After packing your gear, wearing your helmet and starting this motorcycle tours in Thailand, your first stop will be Santisuk Village, 32 kilometers from Nan city. The village is the home of attractive waterfalls and you can make a slight detour.

Afterward, you will have to leave Santisuk village through the Paknua Bridge on the Nan River, ride slowly so you can admire the beauty of this river. Make a left turn at the end of the bridge which takes you to route 1160. Ride past the Nan valley rice fields and make a quick stop at Wat Prathat Chae Haeng if you haven’t visited it before.

Once you arrive Santisuk town market, head north towards Pua on route 1081. Assuredly, the east side of the road to Pua is lined with series of waterfalls and the best one is That Luang, which is less busy and more beautiful to watch.

Your next stop should be Doi Phuka but, it’s best you save it for later. So, return to the junction of Tad Leuang and head east towards Bo Kluea with a distance of 50 kilometers. This road requires that you scale a range of hills but then, it’s worth it. Just beyond the hills is Bo Kluea village next to an attractive valley.

Assuredly, you will have to rent a village accommodation before exploring the village and visiting the salt well. After exploring Bo Kluea, head up to Huan Saphan Bor Klua for some beer and south Thai spicy food.

The next morning, leave Bo Kluea on route 1256 towards Doi Phuka. Pua is 60 kilometers away and half way you get to see the famous tree ferns and the chomp in DoiPhuka National Park. Also, you can visit the park or just take a peek before heading to Pua for the night with various sleep options, restaurants, and bars.

On the third day of your motorcycle tours in Thailand, ride down route 101 towards Nan and pass through the village of Tha Wang Pa. However, on the right of the highway to Tha Wang Pa is a weaving workshop, a modern mall and retail stores worth visiting. Certainly, Nan lies about 45 kilometers from Tha Wang Pa and you can visit the Riverside Art Gallery and the scenic ThamPhaTup Forest on your way to Nan.

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