Micro-implants in orthodontic treatment

Micro implantation is a new technology in orthodontics, the appearance of which has fundamentally changed the possibilities of orthodontic treatment. Micro implantation speeds up the healing process and achieves more accurate results, from an aesthetic point of view as well as from the point of making good contact between the teeth.

Micro implants are tiny unique design screws made of pure titanium (99.2%) or titanium alloy (90%). Because of this they are fully biocompatible with body tissue. Orthodontic micro implant are substantially thinner (1.2-1.3 mm), comparing to orthopedic ones, and has a smooth surface.

In order to move misaligned teeth support is needed, which can be used to move the teeth into the proper direction. While using the classic braces own teeth of the patient are this support, and while the treatment these teeth can also move from their proper places. Now, orthodontists have an opportunity to use artificial support – micro implants that are placed in the desired (optimal) sites and, unlike natural teeth, are not exposed to the displacement. It is essential, and greatly improves the efficiency of orthodontic treatment. In case you want to know more about the services for your teeth available in Delaware or any other state, try using this site.

The benefits of orthodontic treatment with micro implants:

-Using micro implants shortens the orthodontic treatment by 25-50%.

-the usage of micro implants, in some cases, can do without braces or, at least, reduce the number of brackets to a minimum.

-micro implants often allow the orthodontic treatment to do without the removal of teeth in such cases as: crowding of the teeth, cross bite, deep bite, open bite etc., which, from a traditional point of view, require the need for surgical intervention.

-using micro implants gives more predictable results and reliability of orthodontic treatment. Also, the course of treatment can be more controlled by the orthodontist and less depends on the patient. It is often impossible to get a good bite with traditional orthodontic treatment, if the patient not properly wears orthodontic elastics, or do not follow other orthodontist’s advices.

The procedure of the installation of micro implant is usually very fast and totally painless. It takes only 5-10 minutes. Under the local anesthesia, the orthodontist set the micro implant into the thickness of the bone tissue (gum) between the roots of adjacent teeth. Micro implant’s head overhang above the surface of the gums. Orthodontic force, required to move the teeth, will be applied to it with the help of special appliances (elastic thread, chains, springs).

These implants will be removed from the mouth after the end of the course of orthodontic treatment; usually it can last 12 to 36 months. Even if they remain in the mouth after the treatment, it will not cause any side effects, because they are biologically inert and are totally compatible with human tissues. The material, of which the micro implants are made, is familiar to the material of common, widely used in prosthetics, dental implants.

Micro implants can significantly enhance the possibilities of the orthodontist to successfully handle the complex cases without the removal of healthy teeth, almost twice reduce the duration of the treatment and help to achieve more accurate results. Using micro implants is a sure step towards your perfect smile!

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