Hiring a wedding photographer in San Francisco

One of the main things on the to do list when organizing a wedding is  hiring a photographer, not only a photographer, but a good one with experience, skills and talent.

San Francisco Wedding Photographer

If there is a real bridezilla in San Francisco, she  will definitely try to get the best San Francisco Wedding Photographer there is. The same thing is for all the brides on this globe. Sometimes they even expand the search to other parts of the world. The thing is that we all want the best and we have a reason for this. The sacred celebration tends to be unique for everyone, if it is not, the next one will be unique, but that’s not my point.  What I’m saying is we’re all trying to have the best photos afterwards. So every couple that’s getting married trusts a lot the photographer. This person and his skills could mark one of your most important events in life.

On the photographs should be always captured the things that matter and for the bride everything matters. So starting with the reception, her dress hanging on the door or window should look as that is the queen’s dress for tonight, because it is; the bridesmaids should all look happy and a little bit jealous; the groom should look handsome and the best man should correct the position of the groom’s tie like he is Jason Statham; all the mothers should have the happy and in the same time sad sparkle in their eyes as they watch their babies getting married and finishing with cake that may not be that delicious, but in the pictures it can look like it was made on Master Chief, by the best Chief out there.

The wedding photos are eternal powers over ourselves, it brings the best in us when we look at them. So the pictures should embrace the feelings and the softness of the moments. People are fireworks and they should be lighted up on the photographs and look just they way they are, alive.  When the wedding photos can bring the light of the way the marrying couple danced, smiled and kissed that night, the pictures get the power to help afterwards. These pictures can give hope to the hopeless couple that’s in therapy, happiness to the miserable mom that was once a sexy bride but she is now tired with her daily routine, and memories to the one who forgot how good was the life once. Life itself is a wedding. We are constantly making decisions on  what we’re marrying. We can marry the things we like, the favorite songs, the food we love, but the biggest decision it’s marrying another person. When we decided to do so, the event should become everlasting because it is all about the life we chose.

The wedding photographs show the decisions we take, because we did not choose the family or the place we were born in, but life gives us the second chance to form a family and to choose the person we would do this with. So that’s why it is such a big deal to get the moment captured, printed and framed.

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