The Flawless Face Manifesto – An Expert Beauty Guide

Do you look at celebrities on magazine covers and think “I wish I had their skin”? We’ve all had that wish at some point in our lives, even though we know that most of the magazine covers have been photoshopped for perfection. However, there are some celebs that have truly amazing skin, and we are desperate to find out how. Here’s a guide by the beauty experts, to achieving that flawless face.


Every morning and every evening you should be cleansing your face. It gets rid of all the dirt and grime that has built up during the day or night time and prevents spots, skin sagging and oily areas. Your cleanser will be the most important thing in your beauty toolkit because you will probably use it more than anything else! Invest in a good product such as vbeaute facial cleanser and keep it with you at all times; just in case.


Not everyone uses toner on their face, although the experts swear by it. A toner will not only refresh your skin after cleansing, but it can also help close up the pores (goodbye spots), and adds a layer of protection before moisturising. This is perfect for those who are used to having breakouts or regular skin problems.


Another part of the beauty regime you should be doing at least once or twice a day, along with your cleansing. Moisturising keeps your skin smooth and supple, bringing out that natural glow that celebrities always seem to have. If you use a makeup brush when you apply your face cream then you will stop the harmful tugging of the skin and prevent sagging too. Perfect for those who want to fight the signs of aging.


This is not something that you necessarily have to do something every day, although once a week would be the minimum. A good facial exfoliant will remove any of the dead or dry skin which can build up, especially in cold weather. Not only will it help your skin to look its best but it exfoliating is also great for anti aging. You can make your own exfoliants that will work just as well as shop bought ones, just look online for some skincare recipes.


You’ll very rarely see a celebrity without a full face of makeup, but this isn’t what you need to be doing! Celebs can afford a proper makeup artist, along with some extremely expensive makeup which can be better for the skin than the things that we would normally buy. Makeup can clog up the pores in your skin that will lead to an outbreak of blackheads. That doesn’t mean to say never wear makeup, but do be selective about the times you really need it. If you’ve been following the tips above then your skin should be looking pretty flawless without the need for foundation. However, if you aren’t leaving the house without some slap then opt for a tinted moisturiser instead of a foundation, some dewy blusher and a sweep of mascara. People won’t even realise you’re wearing makeup; they will just think you’re a natural beauty.

Remember, if you truly want to look after your skin then making sure you are getting plenty of water, fresh air and fresh food. That combined with our flawless face manifesto will ensure you look just like a magazine cover!

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