Few romantic yet cheap gift ideas you can plan for your wife or girlfriend

Irrespective of whether its Valentine’s Day or anniversary, your wife’s expectations can still be high when your budget is low. If the balance in your bank account is pretty low and if the low amount is becoming an obstacle in letting you buy your girlfriend or wife some expensive gift, you need not worry as you’re not alone. There are many others like you who are desperately looking for cheap gifts for their wives and girlfriends and if you too are one among them, here are some gift ideas that are romantic and yet inexpensive.

Wallet-friendly gifts for Her

If you go for the DIY or homemade route, selecting a gift will save you money but what exactly are the best gift ideas for your wife? You may look here for more information on gift ideas and you can also go through the list given below.

  1. A deck of cards

How much does a deck of cards cost you? If you get them online, you can get them for only $5. Though you may initially associate playing cards with playing poker for guys, but this can easily be turned into a romantic gift for your girlfriend or wide. Take out paper, markers, glue and a few chain rings from the store. Utilize the back portion of the cards to write things that you simply love about her and things about her that make you crazy. This will just blow her off her mind when you give her.

  1. A short romantic vacation

No, you won’t get such gifts on online e-commerce websites but you have to plan them on your own. Hometown tourism is one of the best ways of giving her something fresh and new and even by not spending too much money from your wallet. Plan a staycation in your area and for ultimate ideas, search with the city’s tourism department to know about hot spots and best activities for a span of 2 days. Girls love impromptu vacations and hence your beloved will also love it.

  1. Homemade chocolates

You might be having the habit of buying those pay-by-the-ounce chocolates which you get are nothing but wastage of your dollars. Why don’t you plan to make such chocolates on your own and thereby save few pennies? Even though you may be a total stranger to the stove, you can still be fine with making homemade chocolate candies which you can give to your wife or girlfriend. Homemade chocolate treats can be idea for women and girls.

  1. Car decor

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or her birthday, a lady always expects you to plan something for her. You should thereby start off the day with something so that your lady may understand that you’ve planned something. How about writing a message on her car if she’s the one who gets up first and drives off to office? Yes, this can indeed be a good idea.

Hence, if you’re watching out for some romantic yet cheap gifts for your girlfriend or wife, you may take into account the above mentioned tips and ideas.

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