Do you provide Genesis Framework as well as the child theme?

Yes, it’s included with your purchase. If you’d like to receive forum support you’ll need to purchase a copy directly from Studiopress.com

Do you make theme modifications?

At this time I am not available for modifications. All are sold as shown in the demos.

Can you provide any of the psds with my theme purchase?

No psd files will be sold or made available. Thank you for your understanding.

How long does it take to receive my theme?

ALL themes need to have the header customized with a site title and/or tag line, therefore they are not sent right away.  (They are inserted as graphics, not actual editable text.) Please allow 1-2 business days for customization and installation (if purchased). At this time most are personalized within a couple hours.

I already own Genesis Framework, will you offer a discount?

No. Price is for the design.

Do you fill orders on the weekends

Yes, I do. I try to get every order filled as quickly as possible.

Do these themes work with wordpress.com?

No. You must host your own wordpress site. (ie: Bluehost, Hostgator)

I am a web designer and would like to use one of your designs for my client, can I do so?

Yes, please purchase a new theme each time as I will need to personalize the header design. As well, footer links to Simply Chic Blog Boutique MUST stay intact.

Do you offer any mobile responsive designs?

I only offer two and they can be found in the instant download section.

Do themes include plugins?

No, plugins are not included. Demo sites are just that, for demo purposes only.

Which Slider plugin do you like?

Genesis slider plugin – I’ve used this within some of the themes (if shown on listing photo)

Does a purchase include an ecommerce plugin?

No, there is no plugin included for setting up an ecommerce site. You would need to install and configure one.

Are these only for blogs?

No, WordPress is great for content management. Many people use it for informational websites as well as ecommerce sites!

Are your fancier icons included with theme purchase?

No, these icons must be purchased separately.

Do I have to keep the footer link to Simply Chic Blog Boutique?


Help! I uploaded a theme and or plugin and I get an error message!

Don’t panic. Login in to your favorite ftp program (I use file zilla) or most hosts offer a file manager. Simply remove the file (that you just uploaded) using this and your site will return.

What are your Terms of Use?

They are pretty simple and can be read here: Terms of Use

Do you offer refunds or exchanges?

Due to the nature of the items sold at Simply Chic Blog Boutique, no refunds or exchanges will be given. Thank you for your understanding.

I have a question. Can you call me?

I’m sorry, I do not offer phone consults or answer questions by phone. Emails work best for me. I also DO NOT offer phone consults for custom work.

Do you offer custom character illustrations?

I’m sorry this is not something I offer.

Will you help me install my theme?

Yes, I will upload the theme to your self-hosted WordPress account for an additional fee of $15.00. (uploading theme only, not installing WordPress or configuring.) Again, this does not include setting up your page content, sidebar content or navigational menus. Please note, instructions are included on how to upload your theme.

Will I need to add my sidebar content again?

Yes, this is a brand new theme. Make a backup of your sidebar content in notepad for easy placement in the new sidebars.

Help! My new theme will not activate and I am getting errors?!

The most common reason is your WordPress installation is out dated, genesis requires the lasted version.
Requires: WP 3.2 · Compatible to: WP 3.8.1

Where did all your iPhone wallpaper packs go?

Since the most recent upgrade with the iPhone, I will no longer offer wallpaper packs. I now offer an assortment of personalized printable wall art, invitations and more. Those can be found at http://ShellyChristine.com