Coat Trends: How to Keep Yourself Warm While Looking Fashionable at the Same Time

Winter brings a lot of images to our minds, doesn’t it? Sipping eggnog by the fire, mistletoe, a slew of Christmas parties to attend…and of course, presents! But along with these positive images, winter also brings with it some less-than-pleasant pictures to our minds – grey sludge on the streets, freezing temperatures, and bulky coats that make us look ten times bigger than we really are.


But you can still do something about your style, even if you can’t do anything about the weather. You don’t have to sacrifice being fashionable for being comfortable, especially if you know what to wear and how to wear it.


Of course, coats are an absolute necessity during the winter season. And like I said, you don’t have to look like a snowball even while keeping yourself warm. There are plenty of coats that are not only stylish and flattering, but immensely comfortable and practical as well.

Let’s take a look at a few coat trends for women in 2013:


The toggle coat


Toggle coats, more popularly known as duffle coats, have been seen on the runways this year. The toggle coat, as seen in grey in this blog, has proven its mettle time and again. Toggle coats nowadays don’t just come in the usual black or blue, however – they come in a wide range of colours ranging from camel to white to bright yellow. The great aspect about toggle coats is that they can easily be worn during the day, but they can also be carried over into the evening. The trick for wearing a toggle coat in the evening is to pair it with some dressy shoes, like wedges or slim-heeled boots. Toggle coats are comfortable, practical, and, more importantly, warm and cozy. If you want an instantly cool look that is also elegant and casual, then add a toggle coat or two to your wardrobe.


The military jacket or coat


Actually, almost all of the coats that we see were inspired by the military. These military-inspired coats, such as parkas and bomber jackets, have made their mark in the fashion world. If you would like to have a more structured look that emphasizes your torso, arms, and shoulders, then you can opt for military jackets in a variety of styles and designs. Military coats normally have additional details as well as embellishments such as zippers, pockets, flaps, and buttons, which make them extra functional – and comfortable even on the nippiest winter nights.  They can also be paired with some good, solid footwear such as waterproof boots and other accessories, like scarves.

Patterned coats


If you would like to have a bit of fun with your winter wardrobe, why not choose to have a few patterned coats in different styles? Patterns are a big trend nowadays and add a touch of colour to your overall look. Choose coats in plaid, checkered, stripes, paisleys, and quilts. Just make sure to pair them with solid-coloured pants, jeans, or skirts and you’ll be a veritable fashion diva in no time.



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