How to choose your perfect fancy dress costume

When you think about fancy dress, you normally would associate it with Halloween, however the popularity of holding a fancy dress party is now growing and is becoming ‘the’ way to celebrate birthdays, holidays and lots of other occasions.

One of the great things about fancy dress is that you can be inventive. However, it is important to remember some guidelines when choosing your perfect fancy dress costume:





















Dress appropriately: We have all seen the leaked photos of celebrities and politicians dressed completely inappropriately at fancy dress parties. Can you remember Prince Harry wearing a Nazi uniform?

  • Set a budget: This does not mean buy cheap and cheerful, it simply means set aside an amount of money and stick to it as best as possible. This could involve hiring your fancy dress costume as opposed to buying it.
  • Plan for weather: This can be tricky, especially if you like to be organised. However, do take a commonsense approach to thinking about the weather (summer parties, winter events etc).
  • Plan for travel and time: This tends to be something that is forgotten about, but you must consider how you are getting to, and getting from the fancy dress party.

Think about the party

When choosing your fancy dress, it is important to think about what the party’s theme is. For example, choosing a fancy dress outfit for Halloween is completely different to considering what to wear for a Victorian Tea Party.

Some fancy dress parties can be very dynamic and not have a theme at all, so it is important that you can browse an entire selection of fancy dress costumes, either online at websites like Hollywood Fancy Dress, or on the high street at specialist fancy dress stores.

Another element to consider about the party is the occasion. Is the fancy dress party a family affair, or is it a professional event. Depending on what the occasion is, it will have an effect to what you can wear. For family events, obviously each family dynamic is different, you can be a bit more liberal with you fancy dress costume choice. However, for more professional events, it is sensible that you choose a fancy dress costume that is a little more conservative.

Help in picking a fancy dress costume

It can be difficult to try and work out what fancy dress costume is going to do you justice. Here are some tips to help you picking your fancy dress costume:

  • Your personal interests: Think about what you like, may be certain films, actors and actresses, or music stars,TV programmesetc. Having a fancy dress costume that can shout things about your personality is always going to be a winner.
  • Break expectations: Try and think outside the box. Maybe pick a costume that is a little unusual, or really out of character for you. This is great if you want to become a popular talking point.

So, when deciding on your perfect fancy dress costume, for the next party, just consider these simple rules and you will look great, and have an amazing time.

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