How To Choose A Comfortable Pair Of Shoes (That Still Look Good!)

A lot of footwear available to buy today isn’t very comfortable, and can actually injure and hurt the feet after prolonged wear. Fashion shouldn’t be about suffering – it should be about wearing what you feel comfortable while expressing your personality! If you’re sick of buying uncomfortable footwear, or simply don’t want to risk injuring your feet, read on to learn how to choose a comfortable pair of shoes that will still look good!

Finding a Comfortable Everyday Shoe

It’s important that you remain comfortable during the day so you can be productive to your fullest capacity. If your feet hurt, you aren’t going to be able to concentrate! Here’s what to look for in a comfortable everyday shoe:


  • A heel that’s broad and low. A heel lower than 2 inches is usually best, and way more comfortable than a higher heel.
  • A firm heel counter.
  • Cushioning and shock absorption support.
  • A fair bit of room by your toes to avoid pinching.
  • A wedge shoe will be much more comfortable as the weight is distributed evenly throughout the foot.

Test The Shoe

Test the shoe by pressing down where the toes go with your fingers. If there’s a little give and it feels padded, it will usually be a comfortable shoe.

Pop the shoes on if you can, and have a walk around the shop in them. The back should fit snugly enough so your foot is secure, but it shouldn’t rub. Get a feel for what it will be like wearing them daily, and if they already hurt don’t kid yourself that they’ll break in. They might never break in and you’ll be left with bruised and blistered feet!

Avoid Synthetic Materials

Natural leather, or suede insoles are best in a comfortable shoe. The material is breathable and will mould to your feet, meaning you won’t get any blisters or sore tootsies. If you can’t afford leather, try to find a good quality alternative.

Make Sure You Buy Shoes That Fit

It’s very important that you buy shoes that fit. A shoe that is too big or too small will damage your feet, won’t look good, and will hurt to walk in. Perhaps the shop didn’t have the shoe in your size? Find a different shoe! Maybe you’re embarrassed about your bigger than average feet? Buy fashionable womens large size shoes from a specialist retailer instead of the high street!

You should be able to find all of the factors listed above in a wide range of fashionable shoes. Feel free to go wild with different colours, patterns, and accents, but don’t compromise when it comes to finding a shoe that’s comfortable the moment you put it on. If this means you have to spend a little more, you should go for it – they’ll likely be higher quality, look better, and last longer than a cheaper shoe. Many people out there today have foot problems due to wearing ill fitting, uncomfortable shoes – don’t make yourself one of them and choose wisely!

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