Are Celebrities Right to Dress Their Dogs

Celebrities have been dressing up their dogs in cute outfits for years, but the RSPCA recently said that owners who ‘overdress’ their pets could face legal action. Should Paris Hilton watch her back? The officials of the organisation claim that hoodies, boots, and trousers could be harmful to animals, but that hasn’t stopped celebrities dressing up their pooches, or designers creating imaginative pieces especially for animals. Here’s why we think dressing your dog isn’t so bad after all:

Socialising Your Dog

Responsible dog owners might feel it’s necessary to increase their dog’s level of comfort. This might include dressing the dog to expose them to a range of feelings and experiences. Wearing clothes is a whole new experience for an animal, why should humans be the only one to try new experiences? Plus, getting your animal used to wearing clothes could increase their temperamental stability and improve their psychological development.

Keeping Your Dog Warm

Some dogs, especially small breeds, can get very cold in winter time. It’s important that you keep these kinds of dogs warm, even if it’s just with a little coat. The insulating layer can help to keep your dog nice and warm and protect him from the wind and rain. Although dogs were originally outdoor animals, they are now indoor pets which means they need a little extra help to keep warm!

Protecting Your Dog

Your dog can run into many hazards while on their walk. Thorns, the sun, nettles, and more natural hazards can harm your dog, but dressing them up can help to protect them.

Because They Look Cute

There’s no denying that dogs look cute when dressed up in little outfits. Hopefully people that do this, or intend to do this realise that their dog isn’t a toy to just dress up and neglect when you get bored. Most dog owners do realise this, so what’s the harm in investing in a couple of coats for dogs?

Your Dog Might Like it!

Most animals don’t think anything of wearing clothes and are mostly indifferent about it, however; there are some dogs that will enjoy being dressed up and the attention they get from it. It could be a great way to bond with your dog!

Providing you give your dog the care and attention it needs all of the time, and not just when you’re dressing it up, there’s no reason why you can’t have fun dressing him in cute outfits. You might think it’s wrong or embarrassing for the animal, however; he is unlikely to care at all about what he’s wearing…he’s more bothered about when he’ll get his next bone! Worry less about what dogs are wearing, and more about whether they’re being fed, watered, and treated with love. If they are being treated properly – accept that they sometimes wear clothes and move on. No dog would judge you for the clothes you wear, so concentrate on what’s important in your life  instead of the dog dressed as Santa that just trotted past your window.

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