Buying clothes for the big and tall

One of the main problems with clothes today, is that they all seem to be getting smaller. Is it just me that notices this?

I’m not the tallest, or biggest of people but I’ve walked into a clothing store, tried on a few t-shirts and thought: ‘It must be impossible for larger people to find any decent fitting clothes.”

Sizing charts at some retailers don’t make sense to me these days, there’s an annoyingly thin line between a small and a large, and it must be disheartening for some shoppers.

If you look past the small, tight problem of modern high-street fashion, the plus sizes are sometimes even worse. The trouble with the “big and tall” sections is that there is very little emphasis on the ‘and’. The majority of options available will be for the big, broad guys, as well as the 6 feet plus group – but not for both.

If you’re a tall, broad man you know that in this section, you are very, very limited in terms of what’s wearable and what looks like should be covering a dinner table. Plain and simple; the clothes are baggy, don’t create any form of flattening shape and are clearly not tailored towards a bigger build.

So the way to get round that is to use the wonderful creation that is the Internet.

After doing a bit of research online I found that great quality big size men’s clothing isn’t that hard to come by, you just have to look in the right places.

It’s All About The Look

It’s not impossible to create a great look when it comes too ‘big and tall’ clothing, you just have to be patient. Speak to a tailor, or better, measure yourself so you can drive into the shop and hunt down exactly what you need without the hassle!

If you’re going for a suit then obviously a tailor is the person to speak too. Finding a suit that doesn’t just look like it’s draped over you can be laborious, but speaking to the right tailor will ensure you’re buying the perfect, figure complimenting, suit. Just remember, sleeves at the base of the wrist, shirt pockets aren’t sagging too low on the chest area, as well as not being too high, and trousers sit comfortably on the shoe laces. You’re not going for a slimming lookhere, you’re aiming more towards a well balanced formal look.

Dark colours and loose fitting shirts are the two targets to aim for if you want to go for a slimming look. Dark colours are proven to have more of a slimming effect and that, accompanied by a tucked in loose fitting shirt, polo shirt or t-shirt, will look fantastic.

At the end of the day, it’s purely what you feel comfortable in. In terms of style, follow these tips and hints at what to look out for and where you should be looking. I too, started out a little disheartened, but after looking around, there are useful sites that tailor to your needs! 

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