What to Buy Your Little One for Christmas

Kids are increasingly hard to buy for as they get older, but even babies can cause confusion when it comes to Christmas presents. To help you buy some age appropriate presents that your little one will love, whether they’re your son, daughter, niece, nephew, or grandchild; we’ve put together a list of what to buy for them this year (just don’t forget to sign the tag, ‘love Santa’!):

cool baby gifts

A Furby

Years ago, everybody had a furby…they were all the rage! Now, furbies are back, but they’re even better than before. Furbies have a mind all of their own, and they develop their own personality depending on how they’re treated. Perfect for any child aged 6 and up!

Big Hugs Elmo

Who doesn’t love Sesame Street? Especially Elmo?!  Elmo is the cutest and most popular character on Sesame Street, and will be there at bedtime to cuddle your little one and sing them a lullaby. Perfect for the very young toddler and older!


Do your kids keep begging you for a real puppy? If so, why not buy them the next best thing? This robot puppy listens to your voice and can react to your hand gestures too…he can even learn to do backflips!


Another robotic animal that your child is sure to love, Robofish emulates a real fish when submerged in water. Much better than your standard goldfish (you won’t find him upside down one fateful morning), plus he can join in with bath time!

Sophie The Giraffe Bath Puzzle

This fun bath/teething toy is made from natural rubber and has been popular since it was released in the 60’s. It features 5 cute animals who all spray water when squeezed. Fun for the younger children!

Moulin Roty Ride on Cat

Although a little pricy at £150, this could be your child’s big present! The ride on cat has a cute design and is low to the ground so it’s easy for your little one to get on and roll away. Kids of 12 months and up will love this!

John Lewis Colour my World Globe

Kids usually love getting a standard globe as a gift, but this one is even better! Any child who loves exploring and learning will love playing with the interactive globe, colouring it in and sticking on animal stickers.

Funky Clothes

Small kids might not appreciate clothes as much as they would a toy, but their parents sure will! You could get them a cool slogan t-shirt, or even a ‘super baby’ bodysuit sure to make mom and dad crack a smile. Definitely the way to go if you want cool baby gifts!

Finger Paints and Pad

Kids love making a mess, so finger painting is one of their favourite things to do! Get them a set of finger paints and a pad and watch them create a million colourful ‘abstract’ pictures for you…just watch them around the walls!

The items listed above make the perfect gift at Christmas time, so don’t hesitate to spoil the children in your life! 

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