Accessories can be a deal breaker here’s 17 fashion tips to supercharge your accessory arsenal

Ok ladies, we’re going to tell you something that you probably already know. Accessories can be a big, fat, deal breaker – they can literally kill an outfit, or make it come alive. Which would you rather they do for you? Some women don’t accessorize at all, and that can be just as bad as doing it wrong! To get it right, here’s 17 fashion tips to supercharge your accessory arsenal:

1. Don’t over accessorize. Always take off the last thing you put on (As advised by Coco Chanel) – it’s a tried and tested fashion tip that works!

2. At the same time, don’t under accessorize. You might think less is more, but an outfit always needs at least a few accessories to make it pop! We recommend shinola leather wallets.

3. Create 3 points of similarity. For example, wear a matching bag, belt, and shoes. You can also do this with your necklace, scarf, bracelet, or earrings.

4. If you have a long neck, wear short necklaces, and vice versa.

5. Choose earrings to suit your face shape. For example, pointy earrings would not suit a woman with a pointy chin. Round earrings would only accentuate a round face, and square earrings on a square face would accentuate the angles.

6. When it comes to rings, the shape of your hand and how wide your fingers are will determine the shape that suits you best. Narrow bands will make fingers look longer and slimmer, while thicker bands will suit long, slim fingers.

7. Glasses aren’t just reserved for people who need them in this day and age, they have become a huge fashion accessory. However, you should take into account your face shape as mentioned before to find the perfect fit. Do the same with sunglasses.

8. If you don’t like to wear a lot of colour but would like to experiment, start off with your accessories.

9. Scarves are a great way of adding colour and texture to an outfit.

10. A fluffy bag is another fantastic way of adding texture and making your outfit appear more interesting.

11. Mix different materials in your jewellery choices they don’t always have to match!

12. If you’re wearing a dainty outfit, accessorize with rock chick, bold accessories.

13. Try accessorising with dainty, pretty accessories if you’re wearing a rock chick outfit.

14.  3 key pieces of jewellery usually works with any outfit. Any more than 3 pieces and you run the risk of your outfit looking too busy.

15. Unique pieces are what defines you. Always invest in pieces that you love – you won’t regret spending a little more on pieces you’ll wear forever.

16. Invest in antique jewellery for something truly unique that none of your friends will have.

17. You can also try searching for beautiful vintage jewellery. Kate Moss has a very large collection of beautiful vintage jewellery – we know she’s on to something!

Accessorising can be so much fun. You can literally make the same outfit look totally different with clever use of accessories – don’t hesitate to experiment!

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