How to look Absolutely Stunning on your Prom

Prom night is generally a teenage girl’s first glamorous experience – it is her first, most ‘real’ princess night. Boys in tuxedos, prom royalty, fancy dresses all make prom night a larger than life experience. Look, feel and enjoy the best you can of this faux 18th century royal event. Here are a few tips to look absolutely stunning on prom

Prepare early

Prom doesn’t come along every night. Spend time in proper preparation for the night. Check out boutiques and stores for dresses a good three months before the ball. Look for that perfect combination of comfortable and trendy. When you start early, you won’t be stressed, unprepared or rushed. Another advantage of starting so early is that you can also alter the dress so that it is tailor-made for you. Try out dresses in different cuts and colours before you find the perfect fit for your body. Other preparation includes scheduling the date, any beauty appointments, accessory shopping. All this will make your prom experience become not just great, but absolutely perfect. Another often overlooked aspect of preparing early is you can accurately estimate a budget and will know exactly how much money you need/ask your parents for.

The perfect look

Dresses come in all kinds of cuts and styles. Some are wildly over the top while others are demure and simple. Find a dress which is in your comfort zone yet a little more glamorous than the clothes you’d normally wear. Don’t buy any dress which you are not comfortable with; things like a bare back, shoulders and leg showing are things you not feel comfortable with. Comfort should be top priority; you need to be comfortable to feel beautiful. You don’t want to spend the entire night adjusting the dress, do you? Trust your intuitive fashion sense. You will be naturally attracted to colours and cuts you like. Natural beauty wil always shine through.

Underneath your dress

You need to be comfortable both inside and outside. Don’t match your dress with the wrong underwear and ruin your night. Look for a bra which is both consistent with the dress and fits you well. Think of panty lines of you are wearing a sleek style dress. You may have never worn a thong before, but it is the best option to project a smooth, sexy silhouette. Full slips will help your full skirt dress fall properly. A high low prom dress really goes well with a corset. You can find comfortable underwear at formal wear and bridal stores.

Involve friends and family

Make no mistake about it; your friends and family definitely want to be a part of your prom preparation. They can offer so much more than simple feedback on dresses. Consider taking your best friend or your mom with you while you go shopping for that perfect dress. Your mom will absolutely love the fact that you want to spend time with her. She’s been through this and knows exactly what to look for. As a bonus, when you involve your friends and family, you can borrow things like jewellery, shoes and other accessories which may have not fit your budget.

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