A Short and Sweet Guide to Good Luck Charms

Good luck charms have been known throughout the centuries as a major component of society and helps people keep their confidence and courage even as they go through the most trying of times. Life can be hard but when you have got something to fall back to in those trying times, then life will definitely get better for you and over time, you will find yourself having a collection of charms which can also act as your jewellery collection.

Collections can be sold off at auctions when you no longer need them and this can fetch you a great price for the collection. Alternatively, you can think of starting a charming collection of good luck charms to pass around and share with your friends, family and guests. This can be ideal for minimal wear during the hot season such as during summer. Charms are famous and loved for their intricate mystic which is associated with the amazing stories behind them.

Every good luck charm must have a reason for being made and a constant memory that it refers to. It can also make a statement and usually starts many conversations that would have otherwise gone weird. The person who gave you the charm will definitely linger as part of the story that comes with the charm. For example, you could be given a charm by your husband when going on tour and the charm will later on act as a memory of the tour you had. Good luck charms were thought to be magic or cursed objects in the past but over time, people have learned more and stopped believing these superstitions. One example of this is the symbol of a horseshoe, in ancient times it was often called the “evil eye” now it’s considered to bring good luck and very good luck if you find an old horse shoe. This charm looks very unique, but beautiful and has become a popular charm feature on jewellery.

The power of a good luck charm lies in the wearer. If the wearer is sad, then the charm will make them happier and more jovial even as they face tough and challenging times. Charms have kept on being integrated as a part of everyday life and these days, there are so many online jewellery stores which offer them up for sale. They can be easily viewed online, checked out and shipped within a matter of hours or days. Charms can be bought in curio shops and stores which offer them as single items or at an auction. They fetch a very good price especially when they have a good and compelling story behind them.


Statements of your fashion on online platforms such as twitter and Snapchat can greatly stand out when you have some charm to support the fashion statement. Charms also charm other people who are fans or enthusiasts of fashion and see your charms to be very appealing to them. With just a good luck charm, you will be a cut above the rest when you attend events, galas, dinners and so on. They make you look unique as compared to the rest of the crowd and with the right accompaniment in terms of dress or suit, you will definitely be making an impressive statement of your fashion and charms.


Be sure to have a story about your charms since this can prove useful when you are a stranger at an event and don’t know how to break the ice. A good story with the evidence can really draw the attention of a lot of fashion enthusiasts giving you a good chance to talk about your charming fashion and how far it has brought you. With the charm at the center of everybody’s attention, you have the opportunity to tell them more about yourself and the story that links you to the good luck charm. By doing this, you will have made a strong fashion statement and promoted the story behind the charm.

In conclusion, good luck charms have been seen everywhere around the world worn by various cultures. Every charm usually has a memory or a story behind it making the very special objects to be treasured. They have been seen from Europe to the far East around necks, wrists and ankles. They are usually designed in a personalized manner and special attention is put into getting each of the details on the charm right. They really bring out the beauty in a person more so when they are associated with the right clothing and color combinations.

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