5 Secrets To Keeping Your Towels Soft, Fresh, And Clean

Have you ever realised that your favourite, soft towels are getting rougher with every wash? Even worse is when you notice that your personalised bath towels or personalised bathrobes are getting dingy, so you stop using them altogether.

Keeping custom or specialty towels, robes, and wash clothes in the closet is not the answer to their longevity. In fact, there are some incredibly easy ways to make sure that your bath items can be useful and last for a long time!

1. Always Hang Them To Dry

After using a washcloth, robe, or towel, make sure that you hang it up to dry. Part of the reason towels to smell funny or lose their texture is because they are staying damp for too long. When you toss a wet towel in a hamper or on the floor, it’s not able to dry out quickly, and residual bacteria that causes smelly towels can build up. Always make sure to hang it up to dry out properly, even if you plan to wash it tomorrow!

2. Wash On Warm Or Hot Temperatures

Don’t get grossed out by this, but towels often retain some bacteria. This buildup of oils, detergents, and more can cause towels to feel stiff and dirty, even after washing. By washing your towels on the hotter, sanitizing options on your washer, you will be removing these oils and buildups from the towel, which will help it feel soft and fresh.

3. Detergent Matters

When washing towels, you don’t want to put too much detergent or fabric softener in the wash. These can build up on the towel itself and cause it to feel stiff. The best detergent to use on towels is a biological detergent that is formulated to break up the natural oils that towels will retain after being used to dry your hands or body. This will help the towels feel brand new after coming out of the wash.

4. Remove Towels From The Washer Quickly

If you’re the type to forget your laundry in the washer, set a timer when washing towels. If you let your damp towels sit in a pile right after you wash them, they’ll already feel dirty once they’re dry. Just as you should always dry your towel properly after using them, your towels should be put in the dryer or hung to dry as soon as possible after the wash cycle is complete to keep the towels strong and soft.

5. Tumble Dry Gently

Depending on what your towels or robes are made of, you may want to take it easy in the dryer. Use a low-speed tumble setting or alternate between tumble drying and air drying your towels. Higher speed tumble drying can break down the fibres inside of your towels and cause them to feel more course over time. Air drying or drying at low speeds will help elongate how long your towels feel soft!

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