5 Great Reasons to Design Your Own Wardrobe

It seems like every few years, it’s necessary to take a step back, examine what you’ve got in your wardrobe, and update it. Perhaps your style has changed, your size, your job, or your personal interests. So, what happens if you don’t have a massive budget to spend on clothes, but it’s time to buy a new wardrobe? According to in2Mode this is a great time to consider customising your closet to your tastes.


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Here we will take a look at the top five reasons you might want to go ahead and start making your own wardrobe.

Get Those Truly Unique Pieces

In order to find something truly customised and unique, you’re going to have to pay a hefty price for it. Designing your own wardrobe gives you the ability to create signature pieces that fit you perfectly, and work with your budget.

Coordinate with Accessories

It gives you the ability to coordinate your clothing pieces with accessories. Perhaps you’ve got a great pair of shoes, a favourite purse, or lovely scarf that you are constantly on the hunt for outfits that match it. Now you can create an outfit from scratch and allow that accessory to shine and be the focal point.

On the flip side, you can also create your own accessories to match your new wardrobe. Making a scarf is one of the simplest projects out there, and can really pull together your new wardrobe beautifully.

The Fit is Always Right

If you spend a fortune on having your clothes altered, just think how much cheaper it would be if they just fit from the start. When you make your own clothes, fit will never be an issue as you are using your own unique measurements. This is especially handy if you are particularly tall or short, as you know better than anyone just how difficult it is to find the “perfect fit”.

Mix and Match that Makes Sense

Many designers offer mix and match lines where you are supposed to be able to take basic items and mix and match the pieces. While this is great in theory, it doesn’t always work that way. Often the “match” pieces aren’t necessarily flattering on you, are made from fabric you don’t like, or just don’t have enough flair to them. When you make your own wardrobe, you have full control so you can make the pieces mix and match in a way that works for you.

Clothing on Your Budget

Of course, one of the main reasons people don’t replace their wardrobe more often is down to cost. It’s very expensive to go out and buy all new clothes. Making your own clothes is a much more cost effective option as you won’t be paying for brand names and status.

Addictive Once You Start

Just be prepared that once you get started making your own clothes it will become quite addictive. You’ll see the cost savings, you’ll love the opportunities it gives you to make customised pieces, and you will feel incredible pride when people compliment your gorgeous pieces.

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